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We Will Be With You Every Step of The Way



I think theres something really really really beautiful about that. We will be With You, every, step, of the way. Kind of like a security blanket. Do not worry, we will be with you right there, to hold your hand, along the whole way. After all, we are just walking everybody home, aren’t we? Isn’t that what life is all about, walking each other home? 


People are so scared in todays world to have their hand held. It is okay to need a hand every once in a while. I know that I need a hand in doing a lot of things. When I asked myself what I need help with, and when I need a hand to hold, the first thoughts that come to my mind are physical things. I needed help today making the blueberry compote for my homemade pop tarts. And yes, while I did need my mom to help me out with that, I think I need someones hand to hold for a little bit more important of things. I need somebody’s hand to hold a lot nowadays. Sometimes I’ll just break down crying for no reason, in secrecy obviously. But that’s the whole problem, “in secrecy”. Why can’t I ask for someones hand to hold in those moments of sadness and fear? Easy, because I don’t want to be weak. But in reality, those who are weak are the ones who don’t ask for help. Asking for help is okay. Being fearful of things is okay. This phase of life that we are all in right now (Coronavirus, global pandemic 2020), is gut-wrenching. Somedays are better than others of course, days when I have things to do to keep me busy while staying inside. But some days just really suck, and some days I really need a hand to hold and arms to hug me back. Can I admit something? I am so scared. I don’t know what it is that makes me so scared but fear is surely present in my life right now. And I know, yes, this is very very temporary, it is still so consuming. Sometimes I am just so tired of hoping for the best and dreaming, and all I want to do is cry and have somebody to hold my hand. I think everybody can relate to this, but sometimes you just want somebody to sit there and tell you that everything is going to be okay, even if it isn’t. Sometimes it takes more than yourself telling you that. I don’t really know where this is all going (this piece of writing) but I just read “Don’t worry. We will be with you every step of the way” and it made me so teary. It made weak and it made me realize that I need somebody there right now to hold me up so I stand a little bit taller. But what is more important is that there is another person on the other side of this mess telling me that everything is okay, that they have been exactly where I am right now and that everything will be okay, that I am loved and I am safe and I cannot be afraid. 

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